Party girls can be yogis, too

At Sin City Yoga, Angelica Govaert shows that inner peace and attitude can go hand in hand

Angelica Govaert is the owner of Sin City Yoga.
Photo: Bill Hughes
Sarah Gianetto

At her new studio, Sin City Yoga, instructor Angelica Govaert shows that inner peace and attitude can go hand in hand.

How did you transition from a corporate career to opening a yoga studio?

I was working in corporate, very stressed out. ... I was just running the hamster wheel, and all my intelligence about running a business was going to them. And I was so negative when I got out of the corporate world. I had to learn how to manifest positive things in my life. I am the manifesting mofo, for shizzle. ... [Yoga] isn’t a job or a career. This is my life, this is what I am. I can’t even imagine doing anything else.

What is a “manifesting mofo”?

I didn’t end up being a Yoga teacher in Las Vegas or opening Sin City Yoga by accident. I wanted this to happen, and I did the steps that I needed to take in order to make that happen, and I put positive thought into it. I don’t think people realize that they actually have control over the quality of their lives.

The Details

Sin City Yoga
515 Rose St., 900-8244.

Being from the Midwest, why Sin City?

This is the only place in the whole country that I feel I can go to and just authentically be who I am, be cray-cray, be whatever I want to be ... and no one cares. Everything is accepted here and everyone is equal; everyone has a chance here. My first time here, I breathed in the air and thought, This is what was missing all my life.

Can party girls be yogis, too?

There’s a song by David Guetta and, where he’s talking about how the world is this place where there’s all this chaos and you don’t know where you belong, and when you go to the club, it’s this protected area where you just have a good time … Yoga class is like that.

How is Sin City Yoga different from other studios?

The space is small, so the classes will never get too big as to lose personalization. I think it’s important that your yoga instructor know your body individually. … If your hamstring has an injury; what postures you’re capable of; what you’re trying to achieve with your practice. We’re trying to get back to this person-to-person relationship, this building of community, the idea that we’re all in this together.


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