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Dream Zone: ‘my husband sat on the baby’

In my dream there was a baby that needed surgery. My husband was going to do it in the living room. My daughters walked through, but I blocked them from seeing. Then I was alone in another room and my daughters came in screaming and crying that the baby died because my husband sat on the baby. When he turned around I saw the flattened baby stuck to him. –Lisa, 35, Wausau, WI

Lauri:The baby must be some new element in your life or hubby’s life that needs repair or retooling. Whatever this is, it must have fallen flat, so to speak, and did not work out, since the baby died and was smooshed! Or it could be that this new issue is causing you to feel stuck, just as the baby was stuck to your husband. Since you are trying to block your daughters from seeing all of this, your dream may be telling you it’s best that they not know about all this in waking life.

Lisa replies: My husband recently started a new job in another city. He’s gone during the week and home on weekends. We need to relocate and sell our house. I need to sell our house, find a new house, find a new job for me and figure out when to leave my current job. I will feel stuck until I get the timing down for everything. We do try to keep the stressful parts from the kids to help them through this change.


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