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Dream Zone: ‘I was trying to get them to breast feed’

I was in the bed with my older children, ages 3 and 6, and I was trying to get them to breast feed! My husband was cheering me on saying, “They are almost latched on!” I didn’t even breast feed them as babies. What does this mean? --Lynn, 40, Atlanta, GA

Lauri: Either the cover of the May 21, 2012 issue of Time has left quite an impression on you or you are having some separation anxiety issues with your kids in waking life. I suspect this because latching on seemed to be the focus and motivation in this dream. Are your children pulling away to some degree and not needing you as much? Or is it that you want one or both of your older children to be a little more independent, but hubby thinks you need to let them still be babied? Also, the fact that this all takes place in bed may mean this is an issue that needs to be put to rest.

Lynn replies:My husband wants a divorce and wants custody of the kids, which means they will have to go into day care during the day instead of staying home. Wow. Also my daughter is growing up too fast for my liking and my baby is now a little boy. He will be starting pre-kindergarten and she will be in 2nd grade! It seems like they were just babies.

Lauri: Ah ... it does make sense now. You want them attached to you and not taken away. Perhaps his cheering you on is more about you adjusting to taking on the role of dad as well. Your inner self certainly seems to feel you can do both roles.

Lynn replies: Thank you for your help. It makes sense. I was so worried.


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