I’ll have the bulgogi pizza

OK, so you can’t read the sign — but just look for the chicken and pizza, and you’ll find K-Jun Chicken.

The Details

K-Jun Chicken
Korea Town Plaza Food Court, 6850 Spring Mountain Road, 281-9310
Monday–Saturday, 11 a.m.-11 p.m.; Sunday, 11 a.m.-9 p.m.

Korea Town Plaza’s food court can seem overwhelming. Its flashing signs and banners—not to mention the pervading seafood aroma—are more reminiscent of Macau than Vegas, but cradled within the cacophony is a stall worth seeking out: K-Jun Chicken. Of course, if you can’t read Hangul, K-Jun can be tough to find. Just look for the fried chicken and pizza marquee.

An offspring of SoCal’s Love Letter Pizza & Chicken, K-Jun has a simple menu of chicken, pizza and a few sides. The chicken is fairly straightforward; sauce variants include Cajun and both sweet and spicy garlic, while the fowl itself is available in half and whole portions, boneless popcorn and wings. Your choice will mostly depend on how messy you’re willing to get. I personally suggest the pa dak (green onion) chicken—boneless nuggets, strewn with hot sauce, a housemade mustard and the eponymous scallions.

The pizzas lie farther off the beaten path. Toppings include bulgogi (Korean marinated beef), sweet potato and corn kernels, and most pies feature minimal tomato sauce and cheese-laden crusts, with the sweet potato gold offering up a special surprise: sweet potato puree-stuffed crust. Not cloyingly sweet, the Korean take on a Hawaiian pie saves you effort by providing dinner and dessert in each bite.

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