A few quick questions with Martin Short

Whether you know him as Ed Grimley or Jiminy Glick, you’re going to have a good time at a Martin Short show.
Photo: Richard Drew

The Details

Martin Short
June 29-30, 10 p.m., $40-$60
Mirage, 792-7777

How do Vegas audiences compare to those elsewhere?

The difference is, Vegas audiences have lots of choices, and they’ve chosen you. So usually they’re excited to be there—maybe had some drinks. I like a raucous, loose audience.

Are you the same onstage and off?

I’m in the ballpark; I’m not someone who professes to be a clown crying on the inside. I know that’s more interesting to read—makes for better copy—but I’m laughing on the inside, too.

What other comedians are like that—genuinely happy people?

Eugene Levy comes to mind.

Are you two buddies?

I came to Vegas with Eugene and Paul Shaffer, back in the early ’90s. We saw three shows in a day and a half: Wayne Newton, Ann-Margret and Liza Minnelli.

Was that the first time you were here?

First time was with my wife, in the ’80s. I remember, I got into bed around 1 a.m., but I couldn’t sleep, and I realized it was because I knew there was probably a party going on downstairs. So I got dressed, went downstairs, and sure enough, big party, full of people laughing. I thought, this is fantastic.

Are you doing stand-up or a one-man show at the Mirage?

Imagine I’m at your house for dinner, and we have another friend who plays the piano, and after the meal, he and I just entertain you for 90 minutes. That’s what I’m going for.


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