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Best Place for a Booze Education: Herbs & Rye

Generations of cool: At Herbs & Rye, classic cocktails showcase spirits with serious patina. The Sazerac, Last Word and Buck’s Fizz all depend on flavors that have been around more than a century.
Photo: Beverly Poppe

Not everyone fancies sipping egg whites through a metal straw while debating who has the best hair in Passion Pit. But a good drink is a good drink, says Nectaly Mendoza, whose bartenders expertly mix without “ology” getting in the way. They can rap about ancient herbal tinctures, but they’d rather swap stories over cocktails that blend exceptional taste, method and the moment. 3713 W. Sahara Ave., 982-8036. Mon-Sat, 5 p.m.-3 a.m.

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