2012 Weekly Awards This & That

Make your own category (and pick the winner)

Surely this beauty on Fremont near Neonopolis is the lamp you speak of?

We asked our readers to get creative. Here are a few of your responses …

Best Neon Sign: The Aladdin lamp

Best Slot Machine: Da Vinci Diamonds

Best Downtown Show: Mike Hammer and Comedy Magic

Best Senior Day: The Palms

Best Limo Driver: Limo Rob

Best Cake Artist: Mitchies Munchies

Best Indie Label: SquidHat

Best Internet Radio Station: Pipeline 2 Paradise

Best Local Podcast: The Rocking Comedy Show

Best Human in the Universe: Frankie Moreno

And a few of the most memorable picks in our other categories ...

Best Restaurant to Blow Your Paycheck: Cowtown Guitars

Best Spa: My apartment

Best Strip Club: Yuck

Best Resident DJ: All the resident DJs at all the clubs here are mainstream garbage

Best Cocktail Menu: Frankie Moreno

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