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Dream Zone: ‘Needed to scoop up his paws”

Last night I dreamt I was with my friend and what I thought was her dog. I put the dog down on a sofa but the dog fell off. When it fell off, its paws were somehow all cut off. I thought that we needed to scoop up the paws and go to an emergency vet right away. I wondered how this could have happened. –Joanne 56, Chicago, IL

Lauri:Dogs in dreams typically represent a relationship in our life, someone we consider to be a friend and loyal companion as that is the typical nature of a dog. Placing the dog on the sofa suggests that you—or someone in this relationship—has become a bit lazy, perhaps to the point that the relationship is falling apart, just as the dog fell apart in the dream. At the end of the dream you feel the need to rush the dog to the emergency vet to fix him. That means that in waking life it is time to decide whether this relationship is worth mending or not.

Joanne replies: Thank you. Yes, I have a friend that has pretty much left our friendship except when she needs people to come to a party. I have tried to stay in contact with my friend but it is a one-way street.


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