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Dream Zone: ‘driving across this busy bridge and it collapsed.’

I dreamt that my son and I were driving across this huge busy bridge and it collapsed while we were on it. Somehow we made out of the car before it crashed into the water, but we still landed in the water too. We were okay, but really shaken up.–Ashley 25, Stephens Point, WI

Lauri: The bridge represents some sort of transition you are going through in waking life. Just as we cross a bridge to get from one point to another, in what way are you trying to get from point A to point B? The crashing of the bridge suggests you are fearful that this transition may not work out, that something might “fall through” or that your hopes may be dashed. The most important part of the message comes at the end, as is the case with most dreams, in that—despite the crashing bridge—you and your son were okay. This is your dreaming mind’s way of telling you, “Fear not. No matter what happens, you will survive this.”

Ashley replies: Wow! I will be moving my family across the state in two months and we will be starting a new chapter in our lives and yes, I am fearful about the transition/the unknown! It will be a good move for us because we will be moving closer to family, but it will also mean new jobs, new school for my son, new place to live. Thanks so much for the insight!


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