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You can divide the world into two groups of people: Those with tattoos and those too chicken (or wise) to go under the gun. I fall into the second category, though I’ve always lusted after the kind of body art that decorates the shoulders and forearms of many a friend. Enter Sumita Beauty, where temporary is a way of life.

The Details

Sumita Beauty Fashion Show Mall

The Fashion Show mall beauty shop, imported from California, is known for threading, a hair removal technique that employs a thread (and a pair of steady hands) to pull offending hairs out and get eyebrows in line. But Sumita doesn’t stop there. The salon also offers mehndi, a traditional body art that uses henna to stain the skin temporarily, and glitter mehndi, which adds crystals and jewels to the designs for an extra shot of bling seemingly made for Las Vegas.

The sparkles are available in 32 colors and can be applied to virtually any part of your body—face included. And starting at $15, they’re far cheaper than a new dress when you’re in need of a little night-on-the-town sprucing.

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