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Your horoscope for the week of March 22

Peggy Allison is the author of The Fundamentals of Astrology: A Comprehensive Guide for the Beginner. She is a professional astrologer who lives on St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands and prepares personal astrological charts. Contact her at 340-774-2932, 340-513-3755, or through her e-mail.


ARIES (March 20-April 19)

You were born on the cusp. I am a Leo born August 20, a cusp baby. I read both Leo and Virgo. You should read both Pisces and Aries. You may find you are a little of both signs. New moon today. Make your wish list for the month and set a goal. The moon will be in your sign for the next few days. Get ready for the new. On Friday, Mercury travels to Pisces. Secrets could be revealed. You may feel you are ready to begin a new personal project. Put the final touches on old projects. Get ready to launch the new in April.


TAURUS (April 20-May 19)

A new moon shows up in Aries today. Make your wish list and set your goal for the month. On Friday, Mercury moves to Pisces. Share your ideas with others. On Saturday, a sudden surprise flows your way. On Sunday, share a few secrets as the moon visits your sign. This is the week to make a few changes. Wait until April to make major changes. Take the time to get your ducks in a row and lay a proper foundation. On Wednesday, Pluto gives you a power day. You may have a business decision to make.


GEMINI (May 20-June 20)

I know you are in for changes in 2012. New moon today. Make a plan to reach your goal for the next month. Write down your wishes. Others may help you reach a goal. On Saturday, when the sun gets together with Uranus, do not allow anyone to catch you off guard. Uranus is the planet of surprise. Keep your secrets to yourself. With Mercury, your ruling planet, in your career department, play it cool with folks in authority. Remember, Mercury is retrograde.


CANCER (June 21-July 21

Should you feel a little anxious, chill out. It’s the new moon today in fire sign Aries. Since you are a water sign and the moon is in a fire sign, this could create a steamy situation. Take a little time off. Gather your thoughts. On Friday, Mercury, the messenger, travels to Pisces. You have a chance to share your knowledge. This could be a good time to travel. Time is on your side. Remain focused. The folks in authority take notice. You have an opportunity to advance your career. Reach for your dreams. The sun shines bright on your career department.


LEO (July 22-August 22)

A new moon occurs today in your brother fire sign Aries. Make a wish and set a goal for the month. The sun and new moon in Aries may give you an urge to travel. Take a course or two. On Friday, when Mercury moves to Pisces, you have a chance to pass on your knowledge. Share your visions for the future. Your energy level is high. You suddenly find you can shake off any self-doubt. Make the most of what you have. You have the ability to think and act quickly while Mercury is in Aries.


VIRGO (August 23- September 21)

Aries hosts a new moon today. With the moon and sun in Aries, make a wish for the month and set a goal. Think before you speak. Your relationship department takes center stage. On Friday, Mercury, your ruling planet, arrives in Pisces. You have an opportunity to chat with your personal friends as well as the folks in the business world. The sun in Aries this month allows you to take a look at your joint resources this month. If you feel a change is needed, make your plans this week.


LIBRA (September 22- October 22)

New adventures are in store for you. Yes indeed, little peacemaker, a new moon is bringing you new energy. Get ready for a few changes. Mercury moves to Pisces. Friday will be a good day to chat with the folks in your daily work department. With the new moon in Aries today, do not forget to write down your wishes for the month and set a goal. On Saturday, the sun and Uranus, the planet of surprise, may send you a sudden opportunity to break free. Let go of what is not working. Make room for something new. Mercury moves forward on April 4.


SCORPIO (October 23- November 21)

I know you feel a little anxious today. It’s the new moon in fiery Aries. Chill out. Write down your wishes and set a goal for the next month. This is not a good day to debate with co-workers. You may have a different perspective about your job. Mercury travels to water sign Pisces on Friday. Show people how creative you are. On Saturday, a surprise could flow your way when the sun hooks up with Uranus. Play it cool on Wednesday. Cut through the confusion. Seek a solid foundation. It’s time to take care of yourself.


SAGITTARIUS (November 22- December 20)

New moon today in brother fire sign Aries, where the moon has joined the sun. Set a goal for the month. Do not forget your wish list. You have an opportunity to express yourself. Mars gives you a chance to get ahead with career opportunities this year. Jupiter in your space of daily work helps you get ahead. Join Aries friends. On Friday, chat with family members while Mercury, the messenger, visits your home front. Lady Luck takes the spotlight when the sun and Uranus team up.


CAPRICORN (December 21-January 19)

New moon today. Family members could be a little anxious. Now, chill out. Think before you speak around family members. Set your goal for the month and make your list of wishes. On Friday, you may have an urge to chat while Mercury, the communication planet, travels to Pisces. On Saturday, the sun hooks up with Uranus, the planet of surprise. You could have an opportunity to make a change in your career. Play it cool. Saturn will help you solve a few problems on Wednesday.


AQUARIUS (January 20-February 17)

Today brings a new moon in Aries. You have a chance to communicate or take a short trip. Think before you speak. The new moon has a few people feeling anxious. Set your goal for the month and write down your wishes. This new moon may encourage you to try something new. Mercury travels to Pisces. On Saturday, a surprise could suddenly flow your way. Expect the unexpected while the sun and Uranus work together. A few changes may be on your agenda. Make room for the new.


PISCES (February 18-March 19)

You could feel a little antsy today. It’s the new moon in fiery Aries. Go ahead and set your goal for the month. Write down your wishes. Share your values. On Friday, Mercury, the messenger, takes up residence in your sign. Now, do your research. Think before you speak. Do not allow others to produce changes in your plans. On Saturday, expect the unexpected. You could receive a surprise. People may appear bullheaded on Monday when the moon visits Taurus. Remain focused this week. This is not the week to leap forward. Mercury moves direct on April 4.


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