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Thinking about ‘Saturday Night Live,’ James Bond and more

    • Saturday night livened

      Ever hit or miss, SNL has really been hitting lately. Kristen Wiig is a huge reason, and though her last skit as a cast member wasn’t funny, it was really, really sweet. Keep watching, America. -Erin Ryan, Staff Writer

    • Spy hopes

      Cautiously optimistic in watching the new James Bond Skyfall trailer. Optimistic in that it will be like the brilliant Casino Royale. Cautious in that it will turn out more like the dreadful Quantum of Solace. -Ken Miller, Associate Editor

    • In the bag

      Turns out they print “JOHN 3:16” on the bottom of Forever 21 bags, which would explain why the company’s clothing has grown less and less slutty over the past few years. -Rick Lax, Staff Writer

    • The Lawrence Welk

      After learning about drinkify.org from colleague Andrea Dominick, I naturally typed in “Lawrence Welk,” and it brought up the perfect drink mix: 10 oz. vodka, 10 oz. elderflower cordial, 1 bottle lemon juice. Garnish with sugar. -Kristen Peterson, Staff Writer

    • I plead the 2nd

      After four years in Vegas I finally bought a gun. I’m the proud owner of a new super-powered, super long-range Super Soaker. Watch out, Downtown. I’m coming for ya. -Sarah Feldberg, Editor

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