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Dream Zone: ‘hunted by bad guys’

I was camping with my dad (he passed when I was 16). The whole time we were camping we were being “hunted” by bad guys. What does this mean?Treena, 35, Cedar City, Utah

Lauri: Camping may mean you need to simplify some area of your life. Your dad is most likely your ability to bring home and manage the bacon. Are there financial issues you need to take care of? Are you being “hunted” by bills or debt? If not, your dad may represent your ability to be the authoritarian in your household. And the bad guys may be something negative in waking life that you feel is on its way. Again, I think the message to take from this is that some area of your life needs to be simplified.

Treena replies: That makes sense. I am a single mom and have been stressed lately about having to play both roles in my kids’ lives. All three want to play sports, and I’d have to be in three places at the same time several times a week. Also, with it being the end of the school year, there are programs and ceremonies scheduled on top of each other. You never want to pick and choose which kid comes first. My boys are at that age where they constantly fight, and trying to be the disciplinarian, the nurturer, and all the roles parents have is a bit frustrating. I’m only one person and sometimes an extra set of hands would be nice. I just want to be anything and everything they need me to be and make sure my boys and my daughter grow up to be healthy, successful adults. The negativity that I feel is on its way is probably that my two sons are constantly fighting, so I always feel a blow-up is around the corner.


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