Stock up on presidential swag

No matter whom you vote for, commemorate the election with these political party favors

If it weren’t for political tchotchkes and the levity they bring to election season, we’d all be losing our otherwise balanced minds. Candidate swag is the twinkle that keeps us going, so hold this election forever in your heart with a few special mementos …

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      Freedom of Choice Chia

      Ever wanted to pet a president? The Obama Chia Pet returns, joined this year by a leafy-haired Romney. $17.99, buypresidentialchia.com.

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      Pet pick-me-up

      The “I meow for Michelle” cat collar not aggressive enough? Weather the political sh*t storm with these doggy bags. $14.99, smearcampaign.us.

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      Party hat

      Bypass the Obama or Romney thongs for something that will definitely get you laid: party-affiliated animal hats wearing their own patriotic headgear. $14-$17, toynk.com.

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      Pooping prez

      Nothing says dignity like a wind-up plastic toy that poops candy. $8.99, politicalpoopers.com.

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      Political Condoms

      Forget bobbleheads, there’s nothing like a well-greased condom to show that you’re a team player. $3.95, sayitwithacondom.com/obama-condoms.

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      Bathroom essential

      Apparently, there is such a thing as going too far— even in this campaign cycle. $4.75, amazon.com.

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