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Dream Zone: ‘There was a hole in the floor that led to the sewer’

My kitchen was missing all the cupboards. There was a hole in the floor that led to the sewer and there were a bunch of mini opossums in cute little jackets running around. I took a leaf blower and blew them out from under dishwasher. –Emily 36, Salt Lake City, UT

Lauri: The missing cupboards and the hole both point to something you feel is missing in your life. The kitchen is a place of preparation. Are there any plans that fell through recently? It is also the place of nurturing and nourishment. Are you dealing with an empty nest or are you not taking good enough care of yourself in some way? The sewer suggests you may be feeling down in the dumps as well. And I think the little opossums are about little issues you thought were dead and over but are not. The good news is that you must have recently rid yourself of all this because the leaf blower is your ability to blow the frustrations away and leave them in the past.

Emily replies: I just went through a breakup. His kids caused me and our relationship great stress. So yeah, I’m kinda in the dumps. The issue that’s not dead fits perfect. I had woken from a call from a blocked number and I’m positive it was my ex. He didn’t say anything but I am positive. Then I fell back asleep and had this dream. Dang, you’re good! That helps me a lot. I could not figure this dream out.

Lauri replies: I think that’s where the jackets come in ... they represent the “cover-up” he did by blocking his number! Real mature, huh? Let the leaf blower be a reminder that next time he tries to get in touch, just “blow” him off!


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