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Dream Zone: ‘tornadoes and flooding everywhere in my hometown’

I have been dreaming about tornadoes and flooding everywhere in my hometown near my childhood home. I’m not in danger. It’s like I’m standing back watching them cause havoc. Last time I had this dream there were two of them and they were named (like we name hurricanes). It felt so real that I woke up and texted myself all the details so I wouldn’t forget. Kelso, 30, Poughkeepsie, NY

Lauri: Is something in your life—or in your mind—getting increasingly worse just as a flood increases? Tornadoes indicate worry and anxiety that is a destructive force within your psyche. In your latest dream there were two tornadoes so perhaps there are two things you are worried about right now. The fact that you are not in danger and are watching all this makes me wonder if perhaps you are worried about someone around you or worried about something that does not directly affect you in real life. It’s also possible that through this dream you are trying to detach yourself from that which you are worried about. Whatever the case, you weren’t in danger in the dream, which means deep down you know that everything is going to be okay despite what might feel like chaos or uncertainty in your real life.

Kelso replies: My boyfriend and I were planning on moving next month if he had gotten a job transfer, but he didn’t get it. So we’re now thinking about looking to move around here but it’s too expensive ... maybe that’s what I’m worrying about! That and I want to start a family soon and I am worrying that it may not happen!


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