Peggy Plots Your Planets

Peggy Allison is the author of The Fundamentals of Astrology: A Comprehensive Guide for the Beginner. She is a professional astrologer who lives on St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands and prepares personal astrological charts. Contact her at 340-774-2932, 340-513-3755, or through her e-mail.


ARIES (March 20-April 19)

Jupiter goes retrograde today. Work on communication. Venus led a parade of planets into new signs when she traveled to Virgo last Wednesday, setting off a string of changes. Detail and analyze a few of your daily work skills. On Friday, Mercury, the messenger of the gods, and Saturn arrive in Scorpio. This will produce big changes involving a major planet. Saturn will be in Scorpio for 2.5 years. Mars will land in Sagittarius on Saturday. Get ready to travel. Share your knowledge. You may decide to take a class.


TAURUS (April 20-May 19)

You know how to make money. You are the stable sign of the zodiac. I know you dislike change, but with several planets changing signs, you must relax. You may enjoy a few of the changes flowing your way. With Venus, your ruling planet in Virgo, your house of fun, love and luck takes center stage. Show people how creative you are. Mercury and Saturn move to Scorpio. Saturn tells you to get organized. He brings structure to your relationships and gives you a chance to make money with friends and colleagues.


GEMINI (May 20-June 20)

Jupiter goes retrograde today, so take some time off. Get ready for changes. With Mercury and Saturn traveling to Scorpio on Friday, get ready to chat with co-workers. Saturn’s last visit to Scorpio was 29 years ago, on Aug. 24, 1983. Mars heads for Sagittarius on Saturday. You will have a chance to talk to folks in the financial world. Good business day. Saturn and Neptune allow you to work on career goals. Talk with the folks in authority. You have the gift of gab.


CANCER (June 21-July 21

Jupiter is in your 12th house, and that’s your ace in the hole. Work behind the scenes and get ready for major changes. On Friday, Saturn and Mercury take up residence in Scorpio. Your fun, love and luck department takes center stage. On Saturday, Mars moves to Sagittarius in your house of daily work. Your energy level is great. Make necessary changes in your work. Get creative on Tuesday. Add a little fun. Saturn brings structure. Reach for your dream vacation.


LEO (July 22-August 22)

Expect changes. A number of planets change signs this week. Take a little time to think things through. You may notice that you get a clearer picture. Go with your intuition. Mercury and Saturn travel to Scorpio on Friday. Saturn encourages you to work hard. Get the structure you need for a solid foundation. The home and family take center stage. Time to reconnect with your roots. On Tuesday, when a smiling Saturn and Neptune hook up, reach for your dreams. Meet with the folks in the financial world.


VIRGO (August 23- September 21)

Enjoy a little luck and money while Venus visits your sign. Mercury, your ruling planet, changes signs Friday. Chat with your siblings and the folks in the neighborhood. Saturn, the old man of the zodiac, also moves to a new sign on Friday. This is a good time to make tough decisions. Your life will become easier. Saturn gives rewards. He provides structure. He helps you get organized. You may have an opportunity to take a good look at your finances. Go with your gut. Your intuition is strong.


LIBRA (September 22- October 22)

Happy birthday. With several planets switching signs, expect changes. Saturn’s move Friday to Scorpio will bring major changes. Saturn is an outer planet. Joining Saturn in Scorpio will be Mercury. Saturn is leaving your sign. It is time to start building. If you gained structure and worked hard during Saturn’s visit, you now have a chance to increase your values. If you managed your resources well, you now have an opportunity to reach your career goals.


SCORPIO (October 23- November 21)

When two planets enter your sign on Friday, get ready for changes in your life. Mercury brings attention to your communication section. Saturn joins Mercury in your sign. It is time for you early-born Scorpios to get organized. Saturn brings rewards for your hard work. Get off the sofa and build a solid foundation. You must manage your resources. If not, you may be left with a financial struggle when Saturn leaves your sign. Mercury and Neptune help you go with your intuition and work on your finances. You do not have to work with others to reach for your goals.


SAGITTARIUS (November 22- December 20)

Jupiter, your ruling planet, has gone retrograde. Mars, the planet of action and energy, enters your sign on Saturday. Time to take action. When Mercury and Saturn take up residence in Scorpio on Friday, you early-born Sags get a taste of change. Mercury visits until the end of the month. Get rid of old baggage during the next two years or so. Get structure and build a solid foundation. Reach for your dreams. Saturn will help you get organized. You have an opportunity to think about your plans. Your intuition is strong.


CAPRICORN (December 21-January 19)

Saturn, your ruling planet, changes signs on Friday. Major changes are in store for you early-born Capricorns. Saturn will visit Scorpio for the next 2.5 years. Time to get organized. Learn your lessons. This move to your space of groups, clubs and organizations can burden you with obligations. Do not take on more than you can handle. Your colleagues will respect your good work. Remember, you are the worker of the zodiac. Saturn and Neptune encourage you to share your dreams.


AQUARIUS (January 20-February 17)

Three planets change signs this week. Mercury moves to Scorpio and puts your career in the spotlight. Chat with the folks in authority. With the sun in Libra, your space of higher knowledge, people may not catch on as quickly as you do. Ask a few questions. You will get support from Saturn, an outer planet that will produce major changes over the next 2.5 years. Hard work and getting organized will bring you peace and respect. On Tuesday, Saturn and Neptune help you bridge the gap between hope and reality.


PISCES (February 18-March 19)

Several planets change signs this year. This week, two inner planets and a major outer planet move to new signs. Mercury travels to Scorpio on Friday. You have a chance to share your knowledge, talk about your philosophical views, travel or take a class. Saturn, the outer planet, also enters Scorpio on Friday. Saturn will require you to get organized. Be honest about what is important to you. Luck will be with you on Tuesday and Wednesday. You will find it easy to focus on keywords. Time to communicate. You will reach your goals. Neptune encourages you to go with your instincts. Your intuition is strong.


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