Chris Tucker is back, apparently

Chris Tucker is coming to the Palms on October 13.
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The Details

Chris Tucker
October 13, 8 p.m., $69-$109.
Palms, 944-3200.

Where you been, Chris Tucker? Let’s face it, in today’s Hollywood, if you’re not appearing in at least three movies a year you’ve pretty much dropped off the face of the planet. And by that logic, Chris Tucker is the entertainment equivalent of D.B. Cooper. Since 1998, Tucker has appeared in only three movies, all of which had the words Rush and Hour in the title. Over the past five years, he’s appeared in … well, nothing. Did he retire? Develop a fatal disease? Become a disciple of Dave Chappelle? Not that we know of. Turns out Tucker was just biding his time, waiting for roles he really wanted. (And after Rush Hour 3, who could blame him?) In the meantime, Tucker is returning to his roots: stand-up comedy. And he’s making a stop in Las Vegas. Don’t keep us waiting so long next time, Chris.

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