Horror and more at the third annual PollyGrind Film Festival

A scene from Road to Hell.

Like some sort of unstoppable monster out of an old horror movie, the PollyGrind Film Festival, which celebrates independent and underground horror and grindhouse movies, just keeps getting bigger and bigger. This year’s festival started out with preview events at the end of September and kicked off last weekend with a zombie walk and cupcake-eating contest at First Friday. The festival screenings last through the end of October, showcasing more than 140 feature films and shorts.

A scene from President Wolfman.

Veteran B-movie filmmaker and current Vegas resident Albert Pyun, director of The Sword and the Sorcerer, Cyborg and 1990’s Captain America, has three movies in the festival, including the “main event,” the North American premiere of his thriller Road to Hell, starring Michael Paré, Clare Kramer, Deborah Van Valkenburgh and local musician Roxy Gunn. Festival founder and Theatre 7 programming director Chad Clinton Freeman also expects a strong crowd response for You Can’t Kill Stephen King, a horror-comedy about King fans getting bumped off at a lake where the famous author resides, and President Wolfman, about, well, the president of the United States becoming a werewolf (constructed entirely of found footage from other movies).

There are dozens more movies in the festival, including showcases for documentaries, music videos and local filmmakers, plus panel discussions, parties and more. Most events are at Theatre 7, but this year for the first time some screenings will be held at Rave Town Square. As PollyGrind continues to expand, Freeman’s creation might just be poised to take over the world.


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