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Dream Zone: ‘..on a slab in an exam gown, shouting, ‘Hello?!’ ’

I recently had a dream (I should point out this was soon after having a physical exam) that I was in a clinical examination room on a slab in an exam gown, shouting, “Hello?!” but no one answered. A nurse eventually came in (in full “Nurse Ratched” regalia) with an exaggerated humongous hypodermic needle and said, “We just need to take some blood. This will only hurt for a second.” As the enormous needle approached my arm, I woke up! Yikes! - Pete, 45, Clinton, NJ

Lauri: Nurse Ratched ... now that would be a good Halloween costume! She also probably represents the fact that things may seem a little “crazy” right now, considering that she was in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. Also, has anyone been “needling” you lately? Anyone poking fun at you or getting all up in your business? Taking blood suggests that whatever you are going through right now is going to take a little out of you, and the pain reference in your dream may be more about emotional pain in waking life. Have you been dealing with anything that’s been a little painful? What Nurse Ratched tells you in the dream is very important because it is really what you are telling yourself: This is only going to hurt for a little bit. This pain and uncertainty is temporary. This too shall pass.

Pete replies: There has been a lot of stress at work and a lot of uncertainty. My place of employment may be moving too far away for me to commute there anymore, so I might be looking for a new job soon (after 14 years at the same place). Makes sense.


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