Foreign pours: Hot drinks from overseas

Sabrina Chapman

From chemist labs to consumer palates, innovation and growth are full steam ahead at Diageo. You might know it as the parent company of household names like Crown Royal, Ketel One, Jose Cuervo and Bailey’s, but many of its products will never see the bright lights of Las Vegas. We give you an inside peek at the spirits, beer and wine company’s latest abroad and at home.

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      Smirnoff Mojito Spirits Dispenser

      Installed in under five minutes, this machine makes a mojito in about 23 seconds and has been creating mint and lime waves in pubs and bars across Ireland. According to Diageo, “Smirnoff Mojito is available in over 600 Irish outlets, which are now selling a total of nearly 40,000 cocktails a week.” That’s a lot of tropical flavor on the Emerald Isle.

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      “Women there told us they didn’t like drinking beer ... the packaging and the liquid were viewed as too masculine.” So in March, Diageo responded with Snapp, a crisp apple-flavored alcoholic beverage served in a tall champagne-style flute. It’s a drink for Kenya’s modern women. And with an estimated 100 million females above legal age—and the country targeting annual economic growth of 10 percent by 2030—that’s a lot of diva snaps.

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      John Walker & Sons Odyssey

      Diageo taps Asia’s seemingly insatiable taste for luxury with this sophisticated scotch whiskey. Exclusively available in Asia, Odyssey ($1,000) exemplifies the brand’s 200-year heritage and commemorates the 80th anniversary of one of Sir Alexander Walkers’ most exceptional innovations—a whiskey decanter that mirrors the movements of the sea.

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      Captain Morgan Black

      The captain invites you to “Step into the Black” with a dark and stormy bottle filled with a higher-proof, bolder spirit than ever before. The rum was released last spring to the U.S. market and is meant to be taken as a celebratory shot, savored like a fine whiskey or used as a base for classic cocktails. Grab a peg leg and an eye patch for Tabu’s Halloween party, where they’ll be pouring the spirit by the gallon.

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