Six tips to beat the P.U.B.’s 7-Second Challenge

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Crystals at CityCenter, 489-8080. Daily, 11 a.m.-2 a.m.

You wouldn’t expect an über-famous celebrity chef to chug a beer in less than seven seconds, but I’ve seen it. That’s the name of the game with Todd English P.U.B.’s 7-Second Challenge—knock back a pint before the bar-top hourglass is empty and it’s on the house. Here are a few tips to increase your odds of beating the bar, compliments of one of its own beerologists, Sheena McClure.

1. Be humble. “It’s always the big guys that walk up and think they’ve got it that have problems. The quiet ones who seem nervous seem to do well,” McClure says.

2. Stay away from bubbles. When I saw English do it, he drank Guinness. You can chug whatever you like, as long as it’s under $10. “I recommend Boddington’s or Kilkenny Irish Cream Ale,” the bartender says. “People think they look too heavy, but the things that make it hard are carbonation and temperature. These are ales, so you’ve got the consistency of Guinness, but it’s much lighter.”

3. Forget about flavor. Your main goal is to get the beer down as quick as possible. Does it matter what it tastes like?

4. Stand up and start low. “The consensus is it’s easier to do standing up, though I’m not sure why,” McClure says. “But the beer has to start on the bar, so get low and put your mouth on the glass if you want to get a head start.”

5. Stay focused and don’t let up. Many chuggers get overwhelmed and give up a few seconds into the challenge. “We like to make fun of those people,” she says. “And we’re making as much noise as possible, banging shakers on the bar and ringing the bell.” That’s because the fun is infectious; once someone takes the challenge, others follow.

6. Don’t puke. “I tell people they’re not allowed to projectile vomit back at me. It’s happened.”

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