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Dream Zone: ‘I was going up in an elevator but I was facing down’

I recently dreamt that I was going up in an elevator but I was facing down as it was going up. I have had a recurring dream of going down uncontrollably in an elevator many times, so going up was a new one for me. –Rita, 39, Bartlett, IL

Lauri:The elevator is your ability to rise above what is bringing you down as well as your ability to progress and elevate yourself to the next level in career, relationships, personal goals, etc. To frequently dream of going down uncontrollably in your dream elevator makes me wonder if you suffer from depression. These dreams could be warnings another bout of depression is on the way. If not, you may find you get these dreams whenever you suffer a letdown in waking life, when something you hoped would progress instead fell through or when something happens that really brings you down. This latest dream is indeed a good sign that something in your life is headed in the right direction ... except, perhaps, for your attitude toward it. Would you say that instead of “looking up” and being positive and hopeful, you are instead either doubtful or preparing for the worst?

Rita replies: Thank you for the analysis. I feel you are right on about the elevator in my dreams. My mom passed away a few months ago, and there was nothing we could do to help her. I’m hoping the upward elevator means that the grief is beginning to lift.


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