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Dream Zone: ‘there was another door that opened up to another larger room’

I was moving into what I thought was a small house, but every room I went into there was another door that opened up to another larger room, and I was worried how I was going to furnish such a large house. Jill, 40, Chattanooga, TN

Lauri:That house in your dream represents you and how you are living and your current state of mind. Like the house, what in your life has become a bigger ordeal than you thought it would? Are you not feeling up to a certain task in waking life because it feels like too much? Are you “moving” into a new phase of life or a new attitude or a new way of doing things? Those doors that are opening up to empty rooms just might be where you can find the advice in this dream. They likely symbolize opportunities opening up to you right now, but you are probably feeling more overwhelmed rather than seeing the possibilities before you. I think your dream is trying to show you that, even though what is before you seems daunting, you can totally design and decorate your current circumstance any way you please, once you get down to it.

Jill replies: This totally fits my life! My husband just started a new job in Nashville and has been commuting. We’ve recently decided that we want to relocate to Nashville so we can all be together. The commuting is way too stressful. Now we have to get our house ready to sell, I need to find a new job, and find day care for the boys. I am very overwhelmed and have not known where to start. Thank you!


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