Five thoughts on Animal Collective at the House of Blues

There was no shortage of visuals at Animal Collective’s September 25 show at House of Blues.
Photo: Corlene Byrd

1.The experimental-pop group’s previous show in this room—in May 2009—felt like an event, and drew a far larger crowd. But then, that was a Saturday night, this is a Tuesday (Septmber 25), and new album Centipede Hz has nowhere near the buzz of that year’s Merriweather Post Pavilion.

2.The four guys might not move around much, but their show’s not lacking for visuals. See, for starters: giant stage-framing teeth that light up and change colors throughout the set.

3.Panda Bear (seated behind the drums), starts it up with “Rosie Oh,” but from there it’s almost all Avey Tare, with the fuzzy-haired keyboardist singing 11 of the 16 songs. No complaints here, as his shouty voice sounds electric tonight.

4.I need a headlamp like Geologist’s, so I can see when I’m writing in my notebook in the dark. Like I am now.

5.Most memorable moment: “Brother Sport,” specifically that bit of harmonic convergence when the instruments drop out and the vocals fill the room. Tingly skin time.

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