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Dream Zone: ‘She leapt and stuck to the ceiling.’

My ex-boyfriend’s family lived in my condo. He knocked on my door and asked if I wanted to hang out. After talking for a few minutes we realized that we didn’t have a single thing in common anymore. I was upset, so my mom decided to take me on a trip. When we got to our hotel room, there was an Asian woman hiding there. She claimed she was being followed by someone with weapons. There was a knock on the door, which sent her into a panic. She leapt up and stuck to the ceiling, spinning her head all the way around to look from the corner. It was so bizarre. –Sydney, 17, OH

Lauri:This dream is a good indication that you have been “living with” the remnants of your relationship with your ex. What have you been holding onto? Whatever it is, it seems that this dream is trying to help you let go so that you don’t allow him to “reside” in your psyche anymore. In the dream you find you have nothing in common because your dreaming mind is showing you that holding onto pain, anger, etc. is incompatible with living your life. The vacation means you need to get away from allowing your ex to still live within your psyche. The Asian woman suggests that something seems “foreign” or unfamiliar to you lately. Is it a foreign idea to think of yourself being able to move on? The knock at the door suggests opportunity is knocking. She’s afraid in the dream because you are afraid of something in real life. Maybe stepping out of your comfort zone and “opening up” to someone else frightens you? Don’t let the past keep you from opening up to others!


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