A guide to gun bill proposals in the Legislature

Assembly Bill 234 mandates background checks for gun purchases, prohibits armor-piercing bullets and taxes firearm sales—an excise tax of $25 on the sale of firearms and 2 cents per round of ammunition. The proceeds would be split evenly between dealing with mental health—establishing the Fund for Treatment of Persons with Mental Illness—and victims of crimes.

Assembly Bill 232 would allow the carrying of concealed firearms without a permit.

Senate Bill 396 would prohibit the sale of certain firearms and ammunition magazines, including requiring magazine bodies to be no longer than is necessary to accommodate 10 rounds of ammunition. It also criminalizes the possession of high-capacity magazines.

Senate Bill 137 would abolish permits, so anyone could carry a concealed firearm.

Senate Bill 226 would allow concealed weapons permits to be listed on driver’s licenses. It would also abolish Clark County’s gun registration ordinance.

Senate Bill 223 would allow employees of school districts and Nevada’s higher education system to carry guns on campus if they have a concealed weapons permit.

Senate Bill 221 would require the courts to report mental health patients who should not own weapons. It would also require background checks for private gun sales.

Assembly Bill 340 would prevent the city of Las Vegas from enacting tougher gun laws than the state by establishing state control over the regulation of firearms. It includes language that would specifically prevent machine guns from being barred on the Las Vegas Strip if the state did not bar machine guns across the state.

Assembly Bill 143 would allow holders of concealed weapons permits to bring guns onto higher-education campuses.

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