Five burning questions for the final eight episodes of ‘Breaking Bad’

It’s hard to believe one of the greatest shows in TV history is about to come to an end. But we have little doubt Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan will leave no loose ends.

1. What was with the Season 5 opening scene? So many questions from just this one flash-forward: Why has Walter White (Bryan Cranston) grown his hair back? Where exactly is he? Where is his family? Is the cancer back? And what is he going to do with that Big Freaking Gun? Save someone? Kill someone? Both?

2. Is Jesse going to die? Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) and Walter forged a strong bond throughout four and a half seasons, but with Jesse forcefully extricating himself from Walter’s empire, is he another of the One Who Knocks’ loose ends?

3. What is up with the fly? Walter’s obsession with flies has been well documented since Season 3, but ... why? Just remember: Nothing in creator Vince Gilligan’s world is insignificant.

4. How will that ricin capsule finally be used? The darn thing has been popping up nonstop ever since its creation early in Season 4.

5. Will Hank be able to bring Walter to justice? The last time we saw Hank Schrader (Dean Norris), he was sitting on the toilet and realizing that “W.W.” is “Walter White.” But now that Walter is out of the business, what can Hank prove? And what’s his next step?

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