The quiet works of Jeffrey Cortland Jones at RTZvegas

Jeffrey Cortland Jones’ “Special” at RTZvegas.

Though open less than a year, Richard Hooker’s RTZvegas gallery has already highlighted a diverse and interesting mix of local and out of town artists. This month’s After, Closer, Still exhibit features Cincinnati, Ohio, artist Jeffrey Cortland Jones, who was brought in by guest curator, artist Scott Grow.

Jones’ quiet and small compositions at RTZvegas are a refreshing break from the onslaught of visual clutter in the world. Close examination is required for the full experience of the work, creating a more intimate event. Subtle and not-so-subtle atmospheric gradations of color are topped by rectangular and square layers of white/non-white surfaces so physical that the works almost appear as if constructed, rather than painted. Moreover, the 11-by-14-inch enamel-on-acrylic-panel works disclose the intention and chance result of the artist’s process, with each geometric shape revealing at its sharp borders the slivers of bold and hazy colors beneath.

Given the work's minimal nature and the artist's attention to detail, it's no surprise that Jones' other connection to Las Vegas is RC Wonderly, a former student whose Circle Gets the Square exhibit was recently on display at Amanda Harris Gallery of Contemporary Art. Grow is pursuing an MFA at UNLV.

After, Closer, Still,through August 30, Tuesday-Saturday, noon-4 p.m. RTZvegas, 1017 S. First St. #195, 592-2164.

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