Five thoughts on Cold War Kids’ August 16 Boulevard Pool show

Cold War Kids, performing August 16 at the Cosmopolitan’s Boulevard Pool.
Jason Harris

1. Late in the set, singer Nathan Willett thanked the crowd for coming to “I think our first real Vegas show.” Actually, they played Beauty Bar in 2011, but I can’t blame him for saying it. That show was marred with atrocious sound (courtesy of their own sound man) that was so low, it felt like the band was there to complement audience conversations. This was a huge step up from CWK’s other show, but since that one wasn’t “real” it didn’t count anyway.

2. I’m not sure why Cosmo drained the pool. It’s been fun standing in the water and watching the “Who’s going to be the idiot to start the splash fight?” game this summer.

3. After Louis C.K. develops and tours a new hour of comedy, he moves his closing joke to his opener, forcing himself to write a new hour just as strong as that joke. I’m not sure CWK subscribes to this, but putting current single “Miracle Mile” in the second slot and “Hang Me Up to Dry” at No. 5 takes some balls.

4. Keyboardist/pianist Jonnie Russell creates some cool sounds. Combine those with the rest of the band and it’s like songs being played over an old-school video game sometimes.

5. Remember when bands played regularly at Book & Stage? Can’t wait till we can say the same thing about the new Chelsea Ballroom.

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