[15th Anniversary Issue]

Looking at Weekly’s first awards attempt, the Cabbie’s Choice Awards

Desert Cab driver Michael Sandifar in Las Vegas on Friday, October 4, 2013.
Photo: Leila Navidi

Before the Weekly Awards, before Readers’ Choice, there were the 2002 Cabbie’s Choice Awards, in which we asked local drivers (and readers and staff) for their best of Las Vegas picks. Here’s a small sampling of what they had to say:

Best new restaurant

Cabbies: Mr. Hot Dog

Readers: Zaba’s

Staff: Nobhill

Best Hamburger

Cabbies: In-N-Out

Readers: Fatburger

Staff: J.C. Wooloughan’s

Best local criminal

Cabbies: Sandra Murphy

Readers: Sandra Murphy

Staff: Sandra Murphy

Best place to have sex in a car

Cabbies: Red Rock

Readers: Sunrise Mountain and Red Rock (tie)

Staff: Valley of Fire

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