[15th Anniversary Issue]

Quiz: How well do you know the Weekly?


1. Which food has not appeared on a Weekly cover?

a. sushi

b. doughnuts

c. birthday cake

d. salad

e. none of the above

2. Who's really holding the shears on the 2005 cover reacting to former mayor Oscar Goodman’s suggestion of clipping the thumbs off graffiti artists?

a. Oscar Goodman

b. a model

c. former Weekly publisher Bruce Spotleson

d. Brian Greenspun

3. Who won the Readers’ Choice award for Best Local Villain in 2006?

a. then-Mayor Oscar Goodman

b. Steve Wynn

c. Tito Ortiz

d. then-Governor Kenny Guinn

e. Anthony Cools

4. Which act appeared on the 2007 Vegoose cover?

a. Daft Punk

b. Rage Against the Machine

c. Gogol Bordello

d. Cypress Hill

5. Which of the following did former Gov. Jim Gibbons not say during a 2010 deposition about his encounter with cocktail waitress Chrissy Mazzeo?

a. “I don’t know what a ‘double entendre’ is.”

b. “And I’m living proof that you can survive without sex for that long.”

c. “As you can tell at this deposition, I have a great personality. I like to laugh a lot.”

d. “Can we break for lunch? I could really use a sandwich.”

6. What happened to the sandwich pictured on “The 10 best sandwiches in Las Vegas” cover on July 19, 2012?

a. We cut it into five equal pieces and ate it.

b. It got fed to Danny Greenspun’s dog.

c. We never saw another one like it, as the restaurant that made it closed the day before the magazine came out.

d. It was a figment of our imaginations all along.

Answers: 1, e. We love a good food cover, especially when it’s of a naked model with strategically placed lettuce leaves. 2, c. Oscar was upset we forgot to depict his wedding ring. 3, e. Cools chocked it up to jealously. 4, a. In illustrated form. 5, b. Just kidding, it’s d. 6, c. Johnny McGuire’s closed the day before the issue came out, depriving Vegas of the Olympian sandwich in all its gloriousness and making us feel kinda stupid.

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