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Dream Zone: ‘I was confused, but got pregnant with it’

I was with my husband’s brother Jon and his wife. His wife said to me, “Don’t worry, I’ll get some of Jon’s sperm for you.” I was confused but got pregnant with it and then felt upset because I don’t even like Jon and my husband has no fertility problems, as we just had a baby five months ago. – Carrie 32, Boulder, CO

Lauri: Let’s start with what you were told in this dream, because whatever you are told in a dream is something you are really telling yourself. You are told not to worry. What in real life has been causing you concern or worry lately? Let’s look at the symbols now. Getting pregnant in a dream is all about working on something new in your life. Is there something you are working on growing and developing? Your brother-in-law’s sperm could be his “input” on something. Did he—or his wife—recently say or suggest something that upset you and that you are now allowing to grow and fester inside of you? Perhaps you need to work on growing, developing and nurturing your relationship with your brother-in-law ... a rebirth, so to speak.

Carrie replies: Something is festering and growing inside of me. A few months ago Jon behaved in a way that I feel was particularly cruel and inappropriate. My husband and Jon are now trying to mend their relationship, but I still have a grudge against Jon and I don’t feel like I can honestly communicate that to him. So, my husband is trying to have a rebirth with them and I just don’t really feel good about it, but they are the only family my husband really has. Thank you.


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