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Kelly Murphy, Mogul on a Mission

Krave Massive owner Kelly Murphy wants to make Las Vegas the next great gay destination. Watch out, San Francisco.
Photo: Adam Shane

Nightclub owner Kelly Murphy wants to turn Las Vegas into the next big gay destination, and with his current projects nearing completion, the city just might be poised to snatch that title from New York and San Francisco.

“The largest gay club in the world, I think, is probably going to make that happen,” says Murphy, referring to Krave Massive, the gay megaclub that he’s opening at Neonopolis this spring after closing the original Krave on the Strip last year.

The 80,000-square-foot Downtown venue isn’t just drinks and a dancefloor. It’s a multifaceted entertainment complex with the potential to diversify and enrich the local LGBT scene. In addition to multiple themed dance rooms, Krave Massive will include two movie theaters showing mainstream, gay-themed movies (through a partnership with Guest House Films); Tickled Pink, a comedy club, which will book gay and gay-friendly comedians; and a showroom with its very own resident striptease production geared toward gay men, Boots & Boys.

“It will be everything everybody imagined and stuff that they couldn’t even imagine,” Murphy says.

And as if the world’s largest gay club (Murphy even tried to get the Guinness people out to confirm) wasn’t enough, the businessman is also opening Boys’ Lounge in Las Vegas’ gay Fruit Loop neighborhood, expecting to wrap up construction next month on the space that he describes as more of a “cool social gathering place” than a hard-and-heavy dance club. The non-smoking venue will have an outdoor patio and a mostly vegetarian food menu.

“I think it’ll be really good,” Murphy says. “I thought of a place where I’d go hang out and eat.”

We think that sounds pretty good, too. Save us a plate of tofu.

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