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Dream Zone: ‘I was trying to keep him on track’

I dreamed about this kid, whom I don’t know in real life. He was about 16 years old and he hung with the “rough crowd.” I asked him about eating lunch. He said he wasn’t hungry and would be fine. I knew he didn’t have any money so I insisted he take some money from me. When I saw him next I asked him if he had eaten. He lied and said he had. I told him to quit lying. I knew he had bought cigarettes with my money. I gave him some more and told him to eat something! I knew he was probably pretty much on his own without much guidance and I was trying to keep him on track. What in the world could this be about? -Heidi 41, Fort Wayne, IN

Lauri: Just as you’re trying to keep the kid on track in your dream, is there anything in your life that you are trying to keep on track or in line? Is there something you aren’t doing that you should be? Is there an area of your life that you are trying to nurture but aren’t having much luck? Anything you are trying to be more disciplined about? And just as the boy kept lying in the dream, is there anything you are lying to yourself about? The smoking reference may be a warning about falling back into bad habits in real life if you don’t get things on track.

Heidi replies: I’ve been trying to keep my marriage in line. It is a constant struggle and we actually talked last night about the fact that we are constantly going and don’t have a lot of date and connection time. So maybe that is it, keeping it fun and staying connected despite the chaos of life. It’s also very true that I’m worried about falling back into old ruts, etc. Thank you!.


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