2013 Weekly Awards This & That

Best Women’s Clothing: Coterie

Downtown boutique Coterie is a wild blend of hip fashions, coworking locals and intrigued first-timers. Leading the charge is founder Sarah Nisperos, who says she dresses for whatever mood is speaking the loudest on a given day.
Photo: Christopher DeVargas

There are boutiques where we love to shop, and there is this boutique, where we love to dance, drink, play games, brainstorm and make connections. As its Facebook description says, Coterie is a gathering place—that just happens to have rack upon rack of gorgeous adornments that defy category. “Sorceress” Sarah Nisperos and her team of retail nymphs want you to look and feel like your most fabulous self, even if you don’t buy a thing. 515 E. Fremont St., 685-7741. Hours vary.

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