Weezer sticks to crowd-pleasers at Cosmo’s Boulevard Pool

Weezer ran through all its hits at the Cosmopolitan’s Boulevard Pool on Saturday night.
Photo: Al Powers

Three stars

Weezer July 27, Boulevard Pool at the Cosmopolitan.

“We’re so excited, we’re going to play all different kinds of songs for you,” Weezer bassist Scott Shriner declared early during the band’s Saturday set at the Cosmopolitan’s Boulevard Pool, but it was a false promise: The band played a short set (around 70 minutes) filled almost entirely with expected hits and no surprises. Not that the packed, inebriated crowd at the pool seemed to care; they eagerly sang along with nearly every song, chanted the band’s name before the encore and held their hands high forming the traditional “W” of the Weezer logo.

With no new material to promote (the most recent Weezer release is 2010’s Hurley), the four band members ran through pretty much every radio single of their career, from “Undone — The Sweater Song,” which closed the show, through Hurley’s “Memories.” A couple of early album tracks (“My Name Is Jonas,” “Surf Wax America”) aside, the set was wall-to-wall hits, and while old favorites “Undone” and “Say It Ain’t So” inspired huge crowd response, the enthusiasm was just as strong for later-period singles “Perfect Situation” (with the audience taking over the “whoa-oh”s) and “Beverly Hills” (which got probably the strongest reaction of the night).

Frontman Rivers Cuomo has always been a better songwriter than a rock star, and his stage banter (“Thank you, my fellow human beings.”) was a little awkward. On a couple of songs, he wandered the stage aimlessly while Shriner and guitarist Brian Bell took over lead vocals. Drummer Patrick Wilson was also inexplicably absent, replaced by The Bravery’s Anthony Burulcich, who proved musically capable but didn’t quite fit the band chemistry. Still, the performance was exactly what the audience wanted, and even the guy screaming for “Hash Pipe” (which had already been played) before the encore seemed to come away satisfied.

Set list:

“My Name Is Jonas”

“Hash Pipe”

“El Scorcho”

“We Are All on Drugs”



“Perfect Situation”

“Dope Nose”

“Surf Wax America”

“Island in the Sun”

“Beverly Hills”

“Keep Fishin’”

“Say It Ain’t So”

“(If You’re Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To”

“Pork and Beans”

“Buddy Holly”



“Undone — The Sweater Song”


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