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Dream Zone: ‘Renewed our vows in the local McDonald’s parking lot’

My husband and I renewed our vows in the local McDonald’s parking lot. We were wearing full wedding attire. Classy, I know! Plus, we don’t even eat there. What does that mean? - Melody 35, Cambridge, IL

Lauri:The parking lot may mean that something in your life, or in your marriage, is parked, on hold, not moving forward at the moment. Why McDonald’s? It could be the element of convenience. Did you have to put something on hold because it would be inconvenient for you at the moment or wasn’t happening fast enough? Like kids, perhaps?

Melody replies: You hit the nail on the head with putting kids on hold. We tried the past year to get pregnant and it’s just not happening. So I guess we aren’t necessarily putting it on hold; we just have come to the realization that it may not happen anytime soon or possibly ever. We quit “trying” in hopes to possibly have it happen. And we have decided if we don’t get blessed with a child, then we will enjoy our life together and travel. But that realization has been a huge pill for me to swallow, considering everyone I know has children, and most do not have trouble conceiving.

Lauri replies: This may be why you were in wedding attire, because a part of you still feels “committed” to the idea of children. When you’re over 30, it’s no longer a short order; it definitely takes longer. Patience, grasshopper.


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