Four things I wrote in my notebook at Flogging Molly’s Cosmo show

Flogging Molly … quick, where’s the Guinness?
Photo: Erik Kabik/Retna
Chris Bitonti

1. Irish lesson of the day: lead singer Dave King prefers—nay, insists—the holiday is “St. Paddy’s” never “St. Patty’s.” Since when do drunken punks care about spelling?

2. Molly celebrated its 20th St. Paddy’s, but the band hasn’t lost any enthusiasm for performing. And King is still gracious as ever, frequently thanking the crowd as he soaks up the view from the deck.

3. Only a half hour into the band’s set, a bartender informs me the Boulevard Pool deck is completely out of Guinness. St. Patrick, if we ever needed a miracle, now’s the time.

4. There’s no better way to memorialize St. Patrick driving the snakes from Ireland than sharing a pint and some “Drunken Lullabies” with Flogging Molly.


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