Catching up with comedian Aziz Ansari

His ‘Buried Alive’ tour hits the Mirage this weekend

Aziz Ansari stands up at the Mirage this weekend.

You know Aziz Ansari from Parks and Recreation, but you should know him from Human Giant, the hilarious MTV sketch show that ran from 2007 to 2008. With his “Buried Alive” stand-up tour set to hit the Mirage, I asked him about his Vegas plans, his favorite Spice Girl and why he blocked my friend Haseeb on Twitter.

The Details

Aziz Ansari
May 3 & 4, 10 p.m., $50-$70.
Mirage, 792-7777.

Why is the tour called “Buried Alive”? My friends are turning 30 and staring to get married and have babies. I’m like, I have to do all that now? School, job, kids, raise the kids, die—to me that’s like getting buried alive. The babies—it’s crazy to see people my age, people I’m friends with, having them and thinking it’s appropriate.

What are your Vegas plans? What are you doing before you go on? There’s so much good food in Vegas; that’s how I want to spend my time there. Last time I had a great meal at Mario Batali’s B&B at Venetian.

What were your favorite sketches from Human Giant? I haven’t thought about that for a while … There’s one sketch called “Let’s Go”—that sh*t was funny. And it was written by Jon Glaser, who’s actually on Parks now. I also thought “Shutterbugs” and “Illusionators” were really fun.

Who’s the last good comedian you discovered? There’s a guy in New York who opened for me pretty recently. Michael Che. He’s hilarious. Only been doing it three years, but he seems so experienced. His writing is so mature.

I asked my Facebook friends if they had any questions for you, and a lot of them did. You ready? Yep.

My friend Charlie wants to know who your favorite Spice Girl is. I don’t even remember … Paprika?

My friend Haseeb wants to know why you blocked him on Twitter? I don’t even run my Twitter; some boy in Malaysia does.

My friend Steve wants to know if he can have some of your beard. I don’t have much right now. Just stubble. So nothing to share.

My friend Todd wants to know if he can borrow $20 until Wednesday. I’m at the edit bay right now. Tell him to come over and pick it up.

My friend Vicky wants to know if you’re interested in being her best friend. Yeah, sure, have her call my manager.


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