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Dream Zone: ‘I couldn’t get my shoes to fit!’

Last night I dreamed that my friends were waiting on me but I couldn’t get my shoes to fit! None of them would fit as I tried several different pairs. Then I bought a pair and they broke. I just couldn’t get my shoes on! What does this mean? - Lori, Council Bluffs, IA

Lauri:What is broken in real life? What relationship or situation needs mending? Just as your friends were waiting in the dream, are you waiting for a broken relationship to feel like a friendship again? What in your life just doesn’t seem to be working out? Are you having a hard time putting your foot down about something? I think your dream is trying to show you that something in your life just isn’t right for you. It may be time to take the right “steps” needed to move on.

Lori replies: Holy crap! You are absolutely right. I am going through relationship problems. The situation has had many struggles; I know it’s time to move on but it is very difficult. I think the shoes not fitting is my attempt to make something fit that doesn’t anymore. I have exhausted many different ways to make it fit and each time it breaks down, like the broken shoe. I think, too, that the dream speaks to my foundation—my feet are not firmly on the ground. I have never had a dream about shoes before!


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