Giving thanks: What Weekly readers are thankful for this year

We asked you, our faithful readers, what you’re giving thanks for this year. Here's what you came up with:

I’m going to go with the obvious choice and say the sh*tload of equity we’ve gained in our homes over the last year. —Jonathan Shaw, 37

[I’m] thankful for the people and businesses that stuck it out in Vegas through the recession to help return this city to its prominence. 2014 is going to be kickass! —Darryll Brandwine, 40

To be employed. —Fret Quinto, 74

I’m thankful for everyone in Vegas who chipped in and assisted with the Carpenter 1 fire this year—from residents bringing food and drinks, to the firefighters, to the Red Cross, to Cannery Casino Resorts for putting up the evacuated Mount Charleston residents in the hotels for free. The fire really made the Las Vegas community come together and shine. —Liz Lynch Colosimo

I’m thankful that the USA continues to move toward more compassion and equality toward all, with marriage equality and access to affordable health insurance! —Tony Hinojosa

I’m thankful for the idea of a high-speed train [service]. —Gabriel Garcia

I am thankful for [the] Bikram Yoga Green Valley studio and staff for always starting my day off on the right note: happy and full of energy! #Namaste —Ashley Farkas, 29

I’m thankful for the 24-hour lifestyle that allows my husband [and I] time together, even when he works nights. —Michala Reinholtz

Still thankful we do not have a Republican president! —Kurt Patterson

I’m thankful that America is seeing Obama for what he truly is: A lying fraud p.o.s.! —John Migli

Voting Democratic from now on in Nevada! —Ronny Wolf

I am so thankful for being able to move to the city I love! We were living in Destin, Florida, when my husband received wonderful news of orders back to Nellis. People may criticize Las Vegas for not having culture and for being transient; I am thankful to have made amazing and trustworthy friends and enjoy all the great things this city has to offer. [A] small city with a big-town feel. I am thankful and grateful. —Laurie West, 30

The team of doctors in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and here in Las Vegas that did my son’s and my open heart surgeries. —Jane Hopkins

My husband and I own Firefly Tapas Kitchen & Bar, and this question really resonated with me. I am thankful for a community that was forgiving and understanding enough to continue to patronize our restaurants. I am thankful for so many employees who stuck by us and worked countless hours to improve our business. I am thankful for managers and family members who worked for little or no pay. I am thankful for all of our friends and even strangers that stood by us. I am thankful that no one was seriously hurt. I am thankful for what this year’s experiences have taught me about community, about giving back, about forgiveness, about loyalty and about my home: Las Vegas. So thank you. To all of you. —Tabitha Fiddyment Simmons

I am fairly new here. I’m thankful for all the great artists running and playing open mic nights here. You are the sung heroes here! Support local music! —Tucky Freeman

I am thankful for Gorilla Radio Smoke Shop! Small business run by two of the coolest individuals! —Fawn D., 35

I am thankful that I do not rely on the federal government for my income! —Martha Valtierra

My family is so thankful for the men and women of the military and their families, who sacrifice their lives and their time and especially their holidays just so we can celebrate ours in any fashion we want. As I always say: Freedom is not free. And I so appreciate all of them who give above and beyond—even with their lives. —Army Mom Cheryl Bard, 61

I’m thankful that Thanksgiving is still, in some way, associated with being thankful. —Roxanne Perez

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