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Anatomy of a cocktail: Deconstructing Rx Boiler Room’s most active libations

Every casino seems to have a top-notch cocktail bar these days, but Mandalay Bay’s new Rx Boiler Room is unique in its ambition and attention to creative boozy details. Here’s a closer look at some of the most popular and interactive concoctions on this ever-changing menu:

    • Smoked Whiskey & Cola

      • This one comes to the table in a glass skull full of smoke, recycled containers from Dan Aykroyd’s Crystal Head Vodka.

      • The Rx cola syrup has too many ingredients to name and takes about four hours per batch.

      • George Dickel Tennessee Whisky, cola syrup and bitters are smoothed out over ice for the right viscosity and to ready the ingredients for smoking.

      • Cherrywood is the chosen cut to pump in deep, smoky flavor.

      • The saturated cherries used for garnish are soaked for at least 48 hours in house-made brandy, cherry liqueur and Aztec chocolate bitters—and are absolutely delicious.

      • Click here to see how this cocktail is served!

    • You Are Berry Punch Drunk

      • The Boiler Room version of sangria, this is a smooth and fruity punch anybody can fall in love with.

      • The punch is served in an Erlenmeyer flask for a little mad scientist fun, then poured into a pewter glass.

      • Briottet Creme de Mure is a French blackberry liqueur, amazing all by itself.

      • Atlantico Reserva rum, D’Ussé cognac, spicy Batavia Arrack liqueur, fresh lemon, orange bitters and a splash of Moscato D’Asti round out this punchy punch.

      • Finally, liquid nitrogen comes into play again, lending that Jekyll and Hyde touch.

    • Philosopher’s Stone

      • Served from one of two custom cocktail carts for easy tableside action.

      • Absolut Elyx is premium vodka stilled in copper pots, explaining its unique display.

      • Cocchi Americano is an Italian aperitif, but more of a Lillet-esque fortified wine than the super-bitter Campari.

      • Grapefruit oil is squeezed over a match for a little fun with flames.

      • Absolut Elyx, Cocchi Americano and Peychaud’s Bitters are mixed with smoked sea salt and grapefruit oils, thanks to a magnetic pill that keeps things blending.

      • Liquid nitrogen is the coolest way to cool things off.

    • Papa’s Got a Brand New Shaker

      • The other cart cocktail uses 10 Cane Rum, house-made spiced grapefruit and lime cordial, anise liqueur, ginger-sugar bitters and a rolled grapefruit cube as garnish.

      • The high-tech yet simple Perlini carbonation system ensures light bubbles will make these flavors dance as you imbibe.

      • Rx makes its own cordial with a well-spiced base and fruit flavors of grapefruit, lime and cherry.

      • Thanks to the Perlini system, this velvety, effervescent drink has as much fun with texture as it does with flavor.

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