Five beers to drink during National Beer Day

It seems people just want an excuse to throw back a pint of brew. You know the unofficial holidays devoted to a type of alcohol or cocktail? Beer has several, apparently. There’s International Beer Day (August 1), National Drink Beer Day (September 28) and National American Beer Day (October 27). Ridiculous—even for beer.

The one “holiday” we will validate is National Beer Day, for it commemorates the first day after the fall of Prohibition. So every April 7, we’re not only drinking to sudsy goodness, we’re drinking to freedom! Lap up some liberty with a few of our favorite selections.

    • Ginga Kogen Silver Bottle

      When most people think Japanese beer, their heads go to the simple pleasure of Sapporo or Hitachino Nest’s delicate craft ales. But this tasty hefeweizen from Ginga Kogen (which means “plateau of the galaxy”) is light and just barely fruity, the perfect foil to a big plate of sushi.­ $10, Blue Ribbon Sushi at Cosmopolitan, 736-0808. —Sarah Feldberg

    • Wasatch Ghostrider White IPA

      I’m not an IPA guy, but the bartender at the Wayfarer is undeterred. He urges me to try what he says is an uncharacteristically crisp and unhoppy IPA. He isn’t kidding—the Ghostrider is citrus-y, light and refreshing. In fact, it’s the only beverage I’ve ordered during my three Wayfarer visits. $5, Wayfarer at Inspire Theater, 880-3696. —Mike Prevatt

    • Ballast Point Tongue Buckler Imperial Red Ale

      Red beers are usually smooth drinkers, but this aptly named, boldly bitter brew will spin your head around. A limited release from the acclaimed San Diego brewery, this dark crimson concoction has faint citrus flavors among the crashing waves of hops and goes great with Aces & Ales’ deep-fried bar snacks. $6, Aces & Ales, 2801 N. Tenaya Way, 638-2237. —Brock Radke

    • Birrificio del Ducato Verdi Imperial Stout

      This Russian Imperial Stout from Birrificio del Ducato is brewed with hot chili for warmth, but it’s subtle rather than spicy. Beginning with a jolt of fresh coffee, it finishes smooth as a root beer float with notes of toasted hazelnut, cocoa, cream and pepper. Made with minimal ingredients—actually listed on the bottle!—this splurge from Italy will impress serious stout heads. $11, Velveteen Rabbit, 1218 S. Main St., 685-9645. —Leslie Ventura

    • Powder Monkey Pilsner

      After a hot, dusty trek through the desert, the patio at Boulder Dam Brewing is a bona fide oasis. But instead of water, the reward is this golden, malt-luscious beer, balanced with a blend of German and Slovenian hops. Light, slightly bitter and softened with citrus notes, the namesake brew of dam workers who packed explosives would have had them happily chugging. $4.50, Boulder Dam Brewing Co., 453 Nevada Hwy., 243-2739. —Erin Ryan

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