Homegrown pies that put Vegas on the pizza map

    • The Spring Street at Metro Pizza (est. 1980)

      Metro is all about history, and this pie takes the cake. The first pizzeria in America was established in 1905 by Gennaro Lombardi in New York’s Little Italy, on Spring Street. That’s where this meatball, roasted peppers and ricotta beauty gets its name and its soulful flavor. Find it on Metro’s unsung “East Side Pizzas” menu. Five locations, metropizza.com.

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      The Diavola at Settebello (est. 2005)

      The spectacular simplicity of Settebello’s authentic Neapolitan crust and tendency toward fewer toppings makes traveling the spicy route a natural choice. Set your mouth ablaze in the best way possible with a generous sprinkling of crushed red pepper dispersed among sweet tomatoes, garlic and mozzarella, plus caramelized strips of the highly peppered salami known as finnochiona. 140 S. Green Valley Parkway, 702-222-3556. 9350 W. Sahara Ave. #170, 702-901-4877.

    • The Truffle at Five50 Pizza Bar (est. 2013)

      Perhaps it makes sense that the kitchen crew at Sage, which regularly produces some of the richest food on the Strip, could also concoct this decadent pizza, a chewy crust loaded with parmesan, béchamel sauce, fresh thyme, truffle salami and, why not, shaved truffles. It’s just one of several magnificent, unique pies at Five50, which is (also not surprisingly) more than just a great pizzeria. Aria, 877-230-2742.

    • The Maiale Bolognese at Due Forni (est. 2011)

      Like Settebello, Due Forni is a local restaurant that has expanded beyond Las Vegas. Unlike Settebello, Due Forni specializes in two styles of pizza, Neapolitan and Roman. You can order any pizza on either crust, but no matter which road you choose, you must try chef Carlos Buscaglia’s latest creation, an unbelievably balanced blend of pork ragu, San Marzano tomato, bufala mozzarella, Calabrian peppers, basil and caramelized onions. 3555 S. Town Center Drive, 702-586-6500.

    • The Guinea Pie at Naked City Pizza Shop (est. 2010)

      Sauteed spinach, house-made ricotta, white garlic sauce and mozzarella cheese—it’s the combination that made Naked City Pizza Shop famous on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. It’s also chef Chris Palmeri’s favorite, and once you bite into this supreme topping combo on Naked City’s signature, almost-Sicilian crust, it might be yours, too. 3240 S. Arville St., 702-243-6277. 4608 Paradise Road, 702-722-2241.

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