SLS nightlife 101: How to party hop at the Strip’s newest resort

Foxtail at SLS Las Vegas
Photo: Christopher DeVargas
Deanna Rilling

In the land of Las Vegas clubbing, we know the newest club is the hottest club. So we instantly want to be at Life all the time (click here for more on that). But partiers like a good club crawl—and the closer the venues the better.

With its triple-threat of party places (plus a couple cool bars!), SLS is ensuring we never have to leave. Welcome to a new local’s spot where every partier can play tourist.

The magnum: The premium nightlife experience everyone will be lined up at the velvet ropes for is Life. The club will provoke an innate desire to be a part of whatever madness is going on inside.

Your hip cousin’s haunt: Have you ever wanted to cover 10,000 square feet in chalkboard paint and go all calligraphy on it? Sounds strange (and we know it isn’t chalkboard paint), but that’s Foxtail’s rough-yet-perfectly-beautiful backdrop, courtesy of graffiti artist Tarek Benaoum. Grab a cocktail and get lost in the lettering.

Best place to kick it with Slash and Common: The Sayers Club began in LA behind a hot dog stand with an unmarked entrance. With only enough room for a few hundred people, count yourself lucky if you make it in to see Tove Lo on August 28.

Monkey business: There’s no mistaking where you are when you step inside SLS’ Monkey Bar.

“You can’t miss it.”: Appropriately called the Center Bar, a huge rectangular LED fixture serves as SLS’ centerpiece. We’ve been told there’s a drink that looks like a cloud in your glass and a sphere instead of a lime (we’re envisioning the nightclub scene in the rotating bachelor party episode of Parks and Recreation).

Where to go bananas right away: Right off of check-in at petite drinkery Monkey Bar. ’Nuff said.

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