Weekly Taste Test: Lay’s Do Us a Flavor contest finalists


Lay's is at it again with another round of its Do Us a Flavor Contest, asking potato chip-loving Americans to vote for their favorite of four flavors submitted by people across the country—including visiting UNLV lecturer Chad Scott, who dreamed up Cappuccino this year. Scott's competition ranges from sweet to savory, as the other three varieties vying for the $1 million prize and continued distribution (last year's Cheesy Garlic Bread winner can be found on grocery store shelves around the Valley) are Wasabi Ginger, Mango Salsa and Cheddar Bacon Mac & Cheese.

The foodie crew at Weekly knows you don't want to waste a couple of bucks on a bag of experimental chips, so we went ahead and did you a solid with some quality control. Read on to find out which chip reigns, as well as some must-read comments about some of the funkier flavors:

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      1. Wasabi Ginger (43 points)

      With a crispy kettle-cooked crunch, the Asian-inspired chip took the Weekly Taste Test title. It apparently wins with the masses, too, as it took us more than a few grocery store searches to score a bag. If you find one, be prepared to do battle with the soccer mom eying the bag down the aisle.

      “Those chemists are scary-good. I want to put this on sushi.”

      “Tasty – but more soy ginger. I want brutal, nose-cleaning wasabi action.”

      “Crispier kettle chips and more intense flavors made this my favorite, but wasabi and ginger don’t belong in the same bite.”

      “Too much ginger. Wishing it was just wasabi.”

      “I love ginger and wasabi, so these are a hit. Making them kettle chips? Good move.”

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      2. Cappuccino (37 points)

      This one was a shocker, as most of the crew expressed distaste to the local contender before the seal on the bag had even been broken. While the other three flavors are basically flying off the shelves, we've seen way too many bags of these sadly positioned in the "Please take me!" aisles of local markets. Taking the No. 2 spot, we think you should give 'em a chance, too.

      “This tastes like the smell of Starbucks. I don’t hate it.”

      “Surprisingly tasty! If only the faux coffee flavor could arrive on a different vessel – like a pita chip.”

      “Like cinnamon and feet.”

      “Shockingly decent. My favorite. What?”

      “More cinnamon than cappuccino flavored. I don’t think they work.”

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      3. Cheddar Bacon Mac & Cheese (31 points)

      This flavor was the most polarizing for our crew, but knowing America's love for artificial cheese flavor, it will likely do well with voters.

      “Like charred bacon grease. I could still probably eat a bag.”

      “If I had a last meal, this would be it.”

      “Sorry, but just no. Whoever decided this flavor/chemical combo tastes like cheese should be sent to France.”

      “This is just too easy. Right in America’s cheap cheese hole.”

      “More like ‘Bacon MSG.’”

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      4. Mango Salsa (20 points)

      While a few foodies expressed interest in the fruity flavor, most of us will stick with a bowl of the real thing at a Mexican restaurant. Maybe if we had margaritas to wash these down, we'd be singing a different tune ...

      “Save me! My chips touched my fruit salad and it’s disgusting!”

      “Disturbingly fruity to start but pleasantly savory after that.”

      “Do I have to swallow this?”

      “Weird, addicting, refreshingly fruity.”

      “I taste Fruit Loops.”

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