Holiday gift guide: Be a present pro with must-haves tailored to your favorite folks

    • Culinary

      Toddy cold-brew coffee system Cold brewing extracts the flavor of the bean without the unwanted acids that make coffee bitter. Help the Starbucks addict in your life save a few bucks every day with a smoother cup of Joe that can be refrigerated for up to two weeks. $39.50, toddycafe.com.

      Local edibles and drinkables via It’s On Me Your favorite foodie needs an introduction to It’s On Me, the made-in-Vegas app for buying food and drinks for your holiday homies at tons of restaurants and bars, including Atomic Liquors, Honey Salt, Le Thai, Nobu and many more. Itson.me.

      Goodies from Sweet Ruby Jane Your friendly neighborhood candy shop has an online store made for drool-inducing, stocking-stuffing fun. Check the brittles and barks section, where Patty’s Peppermint Bark ($4.95) is the obvious seasonal choice, though we’re partial to Shea’s Krispy Bark ($4.95), basically a chocofied Rice Krispies treat. 9550 S. Eastern Ave. #110, 702-648-1000; sweetrubyjane.com.

      Plated gift card Impressing dinner guests has never been so easy thanks to Plated’s food-delivery service. How? With fresh, pre-portioned ingredients tied to chef-designed recipes. Plus, each meal only takes 30 minutes to make. In your face, Rachel Ray! Plated.com.

    • Boozy

      Gin kit Mmm ... gin. Need we say more? Your loved one will need a bottle of vodka to get started, so now you need to decide: Is it $50 love or $80 love? $50, Urban Outfitters: Planet Hollywood, 702-733-0058; Fashion Show Mall, 702-794-4011; urbanoutfitters.com.

      Sparq wine pearls Chilling wine with ice cubes is soooo classy­, said no one, ever. Thanks to Sparq’s genius stainless-steel “pearls,” you’ll never have to drink diluted whites again. $24.95, Sur La Table: Fashion Show Mall, 702-732-2706; 1980 Festival Plaza Drive, 702-448-8611; surlatable.com.

      Bottle-cutter kit Recycled glassware made from wine and beer bottles has become a super-trendy commodity—but why shell out $30 for a set for your bestie when he or she can behead bottles at home? $49.95, wineenthusiast.com.

      GrogTag gift certificate Outfitters like UBottleIt and Vegas Homebrew have us covered when it comes to making stellar suds, but what about a kickass label to slap on the bottle when you’re done? Enter grogtag.com, where your hophead friends can go custom.

      Drink (and gift) local!

      Boozy boxed sets are great for the office White Elephant exchange or your bevvy-savvy friends, but why not step up your local-gifting game?

      Shopping for wino friends? Sanders Family Winery’s Ruby Port ($24, 3780 E. Kellogg Road, Pahrump, 775-727-1776) will be a fantastic finish for their next dinner party.

      For something non-alcoholic, try Joe’s Root Beer from Joseph James ($4.99 per four-pack, available at multiple locations)—though we hear it goes great with a jigger or two of Jäger

      Tenaya Creek’s Monsoon Double IPA ($5.99 per 22-ounce bottle, available at multiple locations) recently hit shelves, and if the seasonal’s full-bodied hoppiness and 8.5 percent ABV doesn’t sell you, maybe the label’s showgirl riding a white tiger will.

    • Cutesy

      Fun 4 Your Feet socks You could wear a different Disney princess every day of the week. Or Batman. Or actual sock monkeys. This local startup single-handedly redeems the mall kiosk with more than 230 designs just waiting to make you go: “Squee!” $3-$7, Galleria at Sunset.

      Rowboat salad bowl Polished aluminum, marbled wood and bag-o-salad just go together. More charming than cheesy and always unexpected at parties, the boat-bowl will win over even the most jaded mother-in-law. $65, uncommongoods.com.

      Gummy-bear light Camping, night rides and reading under the covers just got way more fun, because this battery-powered bear lights up with a squeeze. He’s adorably squishy and comes in six colors. Buy it for your kid ... and totally keep it for yourself. $28, uncommongoods.com.

      Peeps cards We knew a guy who used to say, “Word to Big Bird,” which naturally sent people into fits of laughter. Somersault Letterpress’ Peeps operate on that level of humor: the juxtaposition of possibly the oddest childhood candy ever and the wordplay they invite. $20 for six, shop.artsvegas.com.

    • Stylish

      Buffalo Zine The newest one is sold out (nobody can resist a Michigan witch-house band in a pool musing on happiness), but it’s best to break into this gritty fashion mag with the original 150 pages of provocative experimentation. Design and format will continue to change in this collectible homage to “paper as a vanishing medium,” and no collection can be complete without Issue No. 1. $15, buffalozine.com.

      Homemade fiesta flags Want to be uniquely festive without the environmental wreckage of throwing out a bunch of stuff post-party? These double-sided, locally made, reusable fiesta flags are one-of-a-kind and good for any occasion. Take that, carbon footprint! $30, shop.artsvegas.com.

      Too Little Monsters upcycled dress Redefining a necktie’s role and making Marilyn live again, this sweet frock shows how something old can get real fresh. Designed by a local Cirque artist, it comes with a tag that says it needs someone to love it, but we already do. $80, Artifact, Town Square, 702-269-4620, artifactlv.com.

      Jeweler’s Daughter neon-inspired collection Vegas up your life with bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces or cuff links made of sterling silver, bronze, 14-carat gold, Swarovski crystals and marcasite, all incorporating imagery from the Stardust’s iconic sign. $150-$600, Neon Museum, 770 N. Las Vegas Blvd., 702-387-6366, neonmuseum.org.

    • Indulgent / Compassionate

      Beauty Kitchen Silky spray lotion with intoxicating aromas of honeysuckle and gardenia. Body butter that mimics a pumpkin spice latte so well you will eat it. Soap spiked with Champagne. Peppermint bath salts that list love as the first ingredient. It’s all-natural, all luxurious and all the result of local YouTube how-to phenom Heather Marianna. Prices vary, heathermarianna.tv/beautykitchen.

      Esteban Paris Give your olfactory system a gift from the South of France with Esteban Paris candles, incense, scented bouquets and oils. The exclusive imports are available at Patina Decor, their varying scents adding elegance to any room.​ Prices vary, 1300 S. Main St., 702-776-6222, patinadecorlv.com.

      Lush New Charity Pot lotion It’s the gift of giving—in lotion form. With a new floral scent, this body crème is the best for dry, winter-in-the-desert skin, and 100 percent of proceeds go to grassroots charities in 35 countries. $25.95, Lush, Fashion Show Mall; lushusa.com.

      Donation in someone’s name to Street Teens Instead of getting your bratty nephew that $25 gift card to Target, consider donating it in his name to homeless youth nonprofit Street Teens, so another kid can buy a pair of jeans without holes, or a warmer sleeping bag, or toiletries. Learn how to contribute gift cards, monthly bus passes and more at streetteens.org.

    • Active

      Ninja Warrior classes You’ve watched. Now be the one to stupefy bystanders as you attack the Ninja Warrior obstacles at Camp Rhino. You’ll burn so many calories you won’t need to lay off the Cheetos in 2015. Tuesdays, 8-9 p.m., $70 for five drop-ins, Camp Rhino, 6635 S. Eastern Ave., #101, 702-767-8797, camprhino.com.

      Fitbit Charge activity tracker The wireless wristband monitors steps, distance, calories burned, floors climbed and sleep, and it syncs to other devices, so it’s easy for the wearer to stay committed to that get-fit resolution. $129.95, fitbit.com.

      Banger Brewing growler Perfect for the trail or campsite, Banger’s rugged, stainless-steel wonder holds two liters of its bangin’ local brews. Unless you’re gifting day-of, we recommend wrapping it empty. $49, 450 Fremont St., 702-456-2739, bangerbrewing.com.

      Flyboard training session Part hoverboard, part jetpack, the water-propulsion-based flyboard allows riders to levitate up to 45 feet above Lake Mead. It’s pricey, but less so if you can round up a bunch of friends (who like heights). $3,995 for a half-day; $7,895 for a full day, invertsports.com/flyboard.

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