[Love & Sex Issue 2014]

Five apps to help you hook up, send good vibrations (?!) or get creative in the sack

Johnny “Scruff” Skandros started a gay dating app to connect guys like him nearby or across the globe.

Grindr: Wanna dispense with the coffee date and quickly play hostess to some twinkie? Grindr, which use GPS-like technology to find horny homos within your proximity, is the gay community’s go-to for no-strings hookups. Unfortunately, racism, ageism and discrimination against HIV-positive members abound on this choosier service.

Scruff: Founded by native Las Vegas native Johnny Skandros, Scruff is the gentler, friendlier version of the geolocation gay dating apps. Users tend to be, well, scruffier, bear-ier, and generally more open-minded. And the app itself tends to offer more features—including access to guys around the world.

OK Cupid: Everyone’s welcome on this popular, well-designed dating app, which offers detailed profile pages for its members. Its people-matching feature—while not perfect—is a bonus, as are its personality-highlighting tests and blind-date option.

Sexy Vibes: This app takes sexting to a whole new level—first by turning your Android phone into a vibrator, and second, by letting you text, voice chat and send vibrations to other users. Create your own vibe patterns to share (or use solo) and search patterns ranging in intensity, from “fluffy bunny” to “washing machine.” Just remember to turn on airplane mode before you get down to business.

Pocket Kamasutra: There’s something for everyone in this handy dandy guide, which promises to be “much more than a sex positions app.” PK allows you to save your favorites and file positions under “To-Do” and “Tried” tabs, and also features love dice, weird sex facts and tips, pick up lines and more. Consider it your go-to sex app, if creativity isn’t really your thing.

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