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How to be sexier: Local performers share advice on heating things up

James Davis
Photo: John Ganun

James Davis, Chippendales The Show

How to set the mood ... “Before we hit the stage we have to get in the right mindset. I just think: I’m here to entertain these women, whether I’m being goofy or playful or fun. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and that translates to the audience. If you’re having fun, girls pick up on that vibe and relax. Be yourself. If I tried to go out there and be some Rico Suave guy, it wouldn’t work because I’m a little clumsy and kind of a dork. Play those things up. If you’re genuine, it comes across.”

How to stay in shape ... "If you don’t think weight training is fun, you’re not gonna do it. We’ve got to be in shape 365 days a year and the secret is you have to do something fun. Try rock climbing, hiking, parasailing, snowboarding. Find something active you enjoy and you’ll be more likely to stick to it on a regular basis. And always make room for a cheat meal once a week, a couple slices of pizza to satisfy cravings."

Carly Conrad, dancing bartender at Golden Gate’s One Bar

How to break the ice ... “I make dirty jokes. That’s my go-to thing. It especially works with women. I’m dressed sexy at my job, and if a couple walks up, sometimes the girl might be a little skeptical about what’s going on, so I’ll flirt with the girl and that breaks the tension immediately. People come to Fremont Street and Las Vegas to have fun, just like [on a date] so you can’t be all stiff. Make them laugh.”

Where to meet your next date ... “I think it’s easy to meet people here, but sometimes it’s hard to find someone where there are a lot of tourists who are just looking for a date for the night. It’s not hard to find guys at any good local spot, you just need to know where to look. Try the local bars in your area. I live near a PT’s and there are always really chill people there. I also like a place in Henderson called E-String, a karaoke bar that has some cool local bands.”

Anna O’Keefe, “Twiggy” from Zumanity

How to get someone’s attention … “In Zumanity, I’m trying to get attention from the guys watching a rugby game on TV, so I’m doing some sexy things, anything I can do to get them. But onstage is different from real life. It’s a communication thing, staying in communication at all times. And up close, your presence is more important than eye contact.”

Mark Shunock

How to turn food to romance … “The Eiffel Tower restaurant at Paris is a great place, a beautiful restaurant with really good food. I am lucky because my [boyfriend] cooks for me every night. The everyday things are the most important. My favorite is his ratatouille.”

Mark Shunock, “Lonny” from Rock of Ages

How to keep the fire burning ... “My wife and I have only been married two years, but we’ve been together almost 10, and she’s a rock star at keeping things fresh. You know, you still have to date your partner, woo your partner, and Vegas is really good for that. There’s always something different, even if it’s just trying a new restaurant. Our go-to is a massage. It’s never planned, we just go get one. My wife also loves tea, so an afternoon date in the tea room at Mandarin Oriental is a staple. It’s so peaceful and quiet. You feel like you’ve left Vegas even though you’re in the heart of CityCenter.”

Photo of Brock Radke

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